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Children's books by Brenda Z. Guiberson
Children's books by Brenda Z. Guiberson
Rain, Rain, Rain Forest Rain, Rain, Rain Forest
Written by Brenda Z. Guiberson
Illustrated by Steve Jenkins
Henry Holt, 2004

"Splitter, splat, splash! Rain gushes into the rain forest. It soaks the moss, drizzles off dangling vines, and thrums against slick waxy leaves that serve as umbrellas for dozens of small creatures. Twenty feet of rain can fall in a year, and most of the time the forest is squishy like a swamp."
A downpour wakes the creatures of the rain forest. Howler monkeys roar and drink the water that drips from nearby leaves. Birds with rainbow beaks fly in search of shelter. A poison-dart frog finds a tiny pool where her tadpoles can grow. In a place that gets twenty feet of it a year, rain is a way of life.

Vibrant, colorful collages and an inviting text take the young readers on an exhilirating tour of the tropical rain forest.

Awards & Accolades

* Booklist starred review
* Top Ten Sci-tech Books for Youth
* Animal Behavior Society's Outstanding Children's Book Award finalist


Guiberson, one of the best science writers around for younger readers, trails a tree sloth as, between one deluge and the next, it makes its sloooooow way down to the ground for an infrequent toilette then returns to the rain-forest canopy. Meanwhile, all sorts of other local residents pass in review, from the moths and other insects dwelling in the sloth's fur, to tree frogs, howler monkeys, and, for one scary swoop, a harpy eagle. --Kirkus

"Splitter, splat, splash!" As a rainstorm "thrums" through the treetops, a tropical forest comes alive. Vibrant words and sensory impressions bring the creatures' noisy cacophony and slithering, swooping motions up close, while gracefully incorporated facts convey a surprising amount of information about basic survival. --Booklist starred review

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