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Children's books by Brenda Z. Guiberson
Activities for Mummy Mysteries

Mummy Mysteries

  • What is a natural mummy? Imagine a fish from the fish market that gets put into a freezer. Freezing can make a natural mummy. Explain another method. How do mummies from North America differ from Egyptian mummies?

  • Make a list of animals living in Alaska today. Research to make a list of animals that lived in Alaska during the time of Blue Babe. How many animals are on both lists?

  • The Franklin Expedition had problems with lead poisoning. Does lead poisoning still exist today? Research paint, gasoline and water pipes to find out about lead in the environment, health problems and solutions.

  • Read about scientists and explorers who work in frozen climates today. What type of food, clothing, ships, communications and other equipment do they have that was not available to the Franklin Expedition?

  • Look up the passenger pigeon, moa, and dodo birds. What do these birds have in common with the great auk? Draw a picture of an extinct bird.

  • Read about well-known caves in the United States. What is unusual about the features of animals living deep inside caves? What type of cave would be a good environment to preserve a mummy?

  • The wood frog freezes solid during the winter. How is this different from the hibernation of a ground squirrel? From the deep sleep of a bear?

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