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Children's books by Brenda Z. Guiberson
Activities for Teddy Roosevelt's Elk

Teddy Roosevelt's Elk

  • Before reading the book, predict what elk might need to survive during a year. What type of food? land? weather? How long might a calf stay with its mother? After reading, make a list of elements in the Olympic Mountains that elk use to survive. What are the advantages of living in a herd? Why does the elk calf have spots? Why does the bull elk fight with a bush?

  • Look up animals that have horns. What are some differences between antlers and horns? How can they be useful? How can they be a burden?

  • Read about the stomach of a cow, deer or moose. How is it similar to that of an elk? Do these animals eat similar food? Could humans digest the food that elk eat?

  • See what you can find out about Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt as a father, politician, President of the United States, and explorer.

  • Read about other areas that Roosevelt protected such as Mesa Verde, Colorado; Pelican Island, Florida; Grand Canyon, Arizona, Muir Woods, California. Draw a picture of something that has been preserved in one of these areas.

  • Imagine that you are a hiker, early settler, logger or scientist out in the forest. Write a few journal pages about what you might see. Sketch some animals and plants.

  • Write about an environmental change right in your neighborhood, such as new houses, a fire, new shopping mall, new baseball fields, a flood. What familiar plants and animals have been affected?

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