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Children's books by Brenda Z. Guiberson
Children's books by Brenda Z. Guiberson
Mud City: A Flamingo Story Mud City: A Flamingo Story
Written and Illustrated by Brenda Z. Guiberson
Henry Holt, 2005

"The shallow lake is crowded with flamingos. A few stand on a toothpick leg and doze. Others dip their heads upside down into the cloudy water to eat. But most sit on a mud nest to shade an egg from the blistering sun."
Follow a flamingo from egg through adulthood in this fascinating tale.

On a muddy mound in a salty lake, a mother and father flamingo take turns protecting their egg from the hot sun. Soon a fluffy white chick hatches in the nest near the mangrove roots. Just four days later the chick learns to swim. By the time he is five weeks old, he can find food for himself. When pink feathers replace his white baby down, he is ready to learn to fly.

For years the young bird flocks with other flamingos in quiet lagoons and salty lakes. At last he finds a mate and returns to the mud city near the mangrove trees to build a nest of his own.


Featuring a flamingo colony in Inagua National Park in the Bahamas, Guiberson's brightly colored watercolor/gouache illustrations are a perfect complement for her informative, conversational text. --School Library Journal

...a narrative that packs an enormous amount of information into what is a very simple story...sudden storms, wild pigs...shrimp "soup"...learn about the delicate ecosytem of the salinas and the ways human activities can affect flamingos. --Kirkus

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