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Children's books by Brenda Z. Guiberson
Children's books by Brenda Z. Guiberson
Moon Bear Moon Bear
Written by Brenda Z. Guiberson
Illustrated by Ed Young

ISBN: HC 978-0-8050-8977-6
ISBN: PB 978-1-250-07959-6
Henry Holt, Spring 2010

"Who scratches the birch tree and licks oozing sap?

Hungry moon bear,
slurping sweetness
after months without food. "

Moon bears, or Asiatic black bears, are becoming increasingly rare in the wild. They have distinctive blazes on their chests that resemble the crescent moon. The bears are seldom seen but leave footprints, claw marks, hair, and bear nests high in the trees. These traces provide clues about their lives in the mountains and valleys of Southeast Asia. Moon bears hibernate for up to five months of the year, and litters range from one to four cubs.

Follow one moon bear in the wild as she eats, plays, hibernates, and wakes up again in the spring.

Awards & Accolades

* Bank Street Best Children's Book of the Year

"All who read this delightful book will be enchanted by Ed Young's evocative illustrations and Brenda Guiberson's catchy prose. It will give children everywhere a chance to peek into the little known world of the moon bear. I urge you to buy it, and I hope you will do what you can to help this magnificent and highly endangered species." --Jane Goodall

"A worthy effort highlighting a species in need." --School Library Journal, STARRED

"This is a beautiful book which I hope can spread awareness until every last bear is free." --Olivia Newton-John

"Author Brenda Guiberson uses a call-and-response text to introduce young readers to an increasingly rare wild animal in Moon Bear. Dramatic cut-paper collage illustrations by Ed Young spotlight the beauty and playfulness of the moon bears." --The Seattle Times

"Ms. Guiberson's soothing words, "blissful moon bear, feasting on juicy summer fruit" join with Young's gorgeous illustrations, shocking red raspberries against the bear's black fur, held by its sharp claws, to create a stunning view of the moon bears' world." --Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"Filled with passionate conservation messages, this picture book both celebrates the endangered black moon bear in Southeast Asia and warns about the urgent threats against the species. ..Young's dramatic art lends itself to group sharing, and many kids will hear the author's final call." --Booklist

"The young child will believe the bear is looking directly at them and will soon love moon bears. Young's compelling illustrations fill in what words can only suggest." --Sacramento Book Review

"How fantastic to know that a percentage of the sales of Moon Bear will help those bears (and, hopefully, others to follow) live surrounded by loving care. They deserve no less. And that the children who read this story may be inspired to protect these carriers of such special crescent moons for years to come." --Virginia McKenna, actress, Born Free

"This wonderful book lets you and your children share a year with the precious Asiatic Moon Bear. I commend Brenda Guiberson and Ed Young for collaborating on such a vital issue which is so close to my heart and shines a much-needed light on this beautiful but endangered animal." --Dr. Katrina Warren, host of Animal Planet's Housecat Housecall

"I knew nothing about moon bears or bear farms when I picked this book up. MOON BEAR is a book that, for young prereaders, will prove a delight at storytime. For older readers, the back matter will very possibly inspire research and lead to subsequent contemplation of the issues involved in the all-too-frequently inhumane exploitation of all God's critters." --Richie's Picks

"Children will love this book with its stunning images and simple message - that we should value these bears as the majestic animals they were born to be, not because of what they can produce. I'm sure this charming tale will touch many children, instilling in them a love and respect of animals from a very early age." --Karen Mok, singer and actress

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