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Children's books by Brenda Z. Guiberson
Children's books by Brenda Z. Guiberson
Boreal Forest Life In The Boreal Forest
Written by Brenda Z. Guiberson
Paintings by Gennady Spirin

ISBN: HC 978-0-8050-7718-6
ISBN: PB 978-1-250-07323-5
Henry Holt, 2009

"Chawchaw! The beavers bite into wood. Crackle! Thwack! Trees tumble. Beavers haul branches underwater to eat when thick ice traps them for months in their frozen lodge and pond."
The great northern forest-the boreal forest-is home to a unique ecosystem of animals and plants. It covers one-third of the earth's total forest area and is visited by so many nesting birds that it is known as "North America's bird nursery."

The forest is a treasure trove of riches, but it's threatened by increased human development and climate changes. This gorgeous book teaches readers about the boreal forest and reminds them that it's up to us to make sure the beauty and bounty survive.

Awards & Accolades

* Booklist, Starred; Kirkus Reviews; School Library Journal; USA Today

"Gorgeously intricate illustrations perfectly complement equally evocative text in this introduction to the great northern, or boreal, forest, which sprawls across the entire northern hemisphere..." --Booklist, Starred Review

To read the full Booklist review, click here.

"This non-fiction book shows why the boreal forest, home to a unique ecosystem of plants and animals, is as big and important as tropical rain forests." --USA Today

"Taking readers through the seasons, Guiberson and Spirin present a verbal and pictorial treasury for nature lovers and young researchers alike." --School Library Journal

"Each of the stunning paintings in this catalog of the Boreal Forest, the great northern forest, is breathtakingly beautiful. They are in the style of Audubon and other great naturalist painters. They breathe life into the creatures, give texture to their fur and feathers and capture a sense of place..." --The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio

"Beautiful and useful." --Kirkus Reviews

* Recommended Kirkus
* Junior Library Guild Selection
* Orbis Pictus Recommended Title

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